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DIY Personal Inventory

Inventory Safe: Do-It-Yourself Inventory and Appraisal Services for Everyone, Everywhere

  • Have you or anyone you know ever had the unfortunate experience of a total loss by fire or natural disaster?
  • Can you imagine how difficult it would be to file an insurance claim without a list of what was lost and without knowing the value of your household furnishings, guns, antiques, and art?
  • Does it concern you to know that the contents coverage in your homeowners or renters policy is probably inadequate to cover such a loss?
  • Do you own any assets that might be considered exempt from your current homeowners or renters insurance?
  • Do you wish you could have a few items professionally appraised for insurance or estate planning purposes?
  • Thinking of a charitable donation but not sure what value to enter on your tax return?

If you’ve answered YES to even one of those questions, then we’ve got an exciting and brand new solution for you!

Introducing Inventory Safe, the Do-It-Yourself inventory and appraisal service for everyone from the professionals at Asset Verification, Inc. (AVI). AVI is the industry leader in inventory and appraisal services for families worldwide and a preferred service provider for some of the top insurance carriers in the world. Inventory Safe is not expensive, yet the benefits of having an up-to-date inventory along with certified appraisals of your assets could be considered priceless.

Inventory Safe is For Everyone!

Most of us aren’t millionaires, but most of us own some things we’ve either bought or inherited that are of high value. How about that family heirloom or antique, your original art, your piano, designer handbags or shoes, or your gun collection? Most of us would be devastated if those objects were lost or destroyed. And most of us would have no way to prove their value or even that they existed!

To add insult to injury, unless you’ve set up a rider for specific items, all homeowners insurance policies either use a set percentage of your home’s value or other carrier-determined variables to establish the total value of your contents coverage. For renters and people living in condominiums and multi-tenant buildings, the total contents coverage is just mutually agreed upon with your insurance agent. In either case, we know from experience that most coverage limits are way too low. So without an inventory or a rider, you can almost guarantee your high-value items won’t be completely covered in case of a claim.

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“Our Worst Fears”- A Testimonial From an AVI Client

“In the past year, our worst fears came to be. The lower level of our home (completely finished and furnished) flooded while we were out of town. Thanks to AVI’s inventory and valuation of our home’s contents, we were able to quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, completely recover the full value of our loss from our insurance company. If it were not for AVI’s professional and detailed inventory of our home, we fear that our insurance negotiations would have been significantly longer and less productive. 

We highly recommend AVI to anyone and everyone. No one wants to experience a loss of personal belongings and/or their home. However, if the situation arises, you should at least have your precious belongings and valuable contents of your home cataloged in the best manner possible … That is only possible using AVI as your partner.”

– L & J K.

Easily Inventory Your Property with Professional Tools

As you may know, your insurance company highly recommends that you have, at a minimum, pictures of the contents of your home. Your policy clearly states that it is the “insured’s responsibility to provide proof of ownership and condition” in the event a claim is filed. But who among us actually does that? And what happens if your records are also destroyed in the loss event?

Inventory Safe provides a convenient and affordable way for you to personally inventory the contents of your home or apartment. By registering for an account on The Inventory Safe, you’ll have access to your own professionally designed vault so you can gradually build a detailed inventory of your personal property room by room. You’ll add photos and descriptions using  tools similar to those AVI’s full-service professionals use. You can add as many items as you like, move items from room to room or from one residence to another, delete items and more! Inventory Safe is yours to use any way you like for as long as you like.

Professional Appraisals Provide Peace of Mind

Professional appraisals are the key to learning the full replacement value of any of your possessions, but especially your high-value property. Once you’ve added an item to your inventory, you’ll see the option to order an appraisal done by one of our certified professionals with the click of a button.

Asset Verification appraisals can be used when purchasing Valuable Article insurance for your high-value items such as fine art, silver, rugs, furniture or collectibles with information based on facts, not estimates. You’ll feel confident that in the event of a loss, you’ll have the documentation you need for your claim. Appraisals are also great for estate planning and distribution and for charitable giving.

If you need appraisals, the good news is that your one-time registration and annual renewal fee of only $9.95 per year is 100% applicable as a credit toward your first appraisal, making Inventory Safe virtually free!


Take our appraisals to your insurance company to see what additional coverage would cost and whether or not it’s worth the small additional premium for peace of mind.  And just like our full-service packages, all appraisals are performed by our unbiased, certified appraisers and meet Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). This is the gold standard accepted by all insurance companies. 

Facts Don’t Lie

No one wants to find themselves in the position of having to file an insurance claim. But if you have to, we like to say that “facts don’t lie” when our clients’ claims are supported by our world class reports. In our company, we’ve backed up the claims of hundreds of high-value clients with our onsite professional inventory and appraisal services.

The same tools that allow our affluent clients to get full replacement value for their losses are now available to you. The first step after registering for your own vault in Inventory Safe is to build a catalog of your personal property assets. Next, get your high-value assets professionally appraised right inside Inventory Safe. Then you’ll be able to create a variety of reports to use for buying adequate insurance coverage or Valuable Article coverage riders. You can also use your appraisal reports for estate planning and distribution purposes, or for charitable giving and tax returns. Or simply keep your Inventory Safe catalog current for the possibility that one day you will actually need it to prove to your insurance company the value of what you once owned. Without a pictorial inventory and without professional appraisals to back up your claim, the chance of getting paid full replacement value is quite slim.

Is Setup Help Available?

Once you register, you’ll have access to a complete Inventory Safe Users Guide. The guide will show you how to create rooms in your residence, add items in each room, and how to add images, descriptions, and  other identifying information just like the pros. You’ll be able to edit items, run reports, and request optional appraisals. If you still have questions, we’ll be happy to help you. Simply email us and we’ll reach out with the advice you need to get started or to keep building your personal asset catalog.

Family using Inventory Safe by Asset Verification, Inc.
Woman using Inventory Safe by Asset Verification, Inc.

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